Cookies from Southern Italy

Homemade Pasta from Calabria

Friday, January 10, 2014 6:30 pm  SOLD OUT


There is an old Calabrian saying: “To get married, a girl has to know how to shape pasta 15 different ways.” In this class you will learn to make some of those traditional homemade pasta shapes. We will take just flour and water and create four shapes, as well as the sauces to go along with each one. All the shapes that we will make are made with egg-less dough. We’ll finish our pasta feast with a salad of baby greens.



The Menu

Dromesat (A Calabrian Arbereshe pasta dish)

Fusilli Calabresi (Homemade pasta rolled around a knitting needle)

Cavatelli Con Broccoli Rape (“Gnocchi” shaped pasta tossed with broccoli raab)

Lagani e Ceci (Fresh ribbon pasta with Chick Peas)

Insalata Verde (Baby greens salad)


Price per person: $95.00


If you would like to be put on the waiting list please contact me.


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