Cookies from Southern Italy
Nov 092015
Join me in Calabria for a Culinary tour

Join me, Rosetta Costantino, a native Calabrian, cookbook author of My Calabria and Southern Italian Desserts, cooking teacher, and expert guide, to the region’s culinary and cultural riches, as we travel off the beaten path to the toe of Italy’s boot. This marvelous 8 day tour, is for all you food and wine enthusiasts who [Read more...]

Feb 072014
Friscatula con Cavolo Verzo (Calabrian polenta with Savoy Cabbage)

With the rain finally arriving in the Bay Area, it is starting to feel like winter, and thanks to the rain and cold we are able to make and cure our annual production of Calabrian sausage , that we typically produce in January when the weather conditions are ideal for curing sausage, cold and humid. In addition to the [Read more...]

Dec 112013
Buccellato Siciliano (Christmas Fig and Nut Pastry Ring)

This year I would like to share with you a traditional dessert that is prepared in Palermo, Sicily for Christmas – Buccellato. Think of the Buccellato as a super-sized fig cookie. The smaller size of this pastry is called Cucciddati or Buccellatini. I think it is more impressive (and easier) for the Christmas table to prepare one Buccellato than a dozen small cookies.  If you choose [Read more...]

Oct 182013
The simplest cookie:  Dolci di Noci (walnut cookies)

  This is the first recipe that I am sharing with you from my new cookbook “Southern Italian Desserts”.  It has become one of my favorite cookies and it couldn’t be more simple to make.  Can you think of any other cookie that has only three ingredients?  It is so good that anybody that has [Read more...]